Testimonials from clients and contractors

“The end result is that there would have been an extra zero on the end of the price quote, if we had elected to use Shotcrete”

Bud Fassnacht
Ledcor Superintendent


“As an engineer, I liked the fact that CC was adaptable to changes in channel shape as we had segments of trapezoidal shape that had to transition to a rectangular shape. The drape characteristic allowed the CC to be placed on a pretty rough surface. Finally it seems that any future damages to the CC will be easily fixed by patching. This should result in very low maintenance costs.”

Michael Graham
Senior Geotechnical Engineer,
Norwest Corporation


“The location and nature of the works required the sensitive use of appropriate construction materials in order to minimise the impact on the local environment and CC provided a means of rapidly installing a low carbon concrete ditch. Programme savings – could save at least 50% on the proposed method of ditch lining, which was plant, labour and material intensive. Actual recorded installation figures were 30 metres laid in only 45 minutes… The product was a great success, shown by us using it again on the M1 project. And I would definitely use it on further scheme where the constraints are similar. The speed at which it was installed allowed follow on activities to proceed sooner than expected. Allowed work to continue during the wetter months, which may not have been possible when using traditional methods. The product has held up fine, and too date there is no issue with the product, and is still fully functional.”

Dale Flower
Costain Ltd


“Although MCL tend to specialise in geotextile / geomembrane / GCL installations we found the ease of deployment and welding of the CC8 to be comparable with other products we have used in the past. The backup support we received from Concrete Canvas during the project was first class….A great project all-round”

Benedict M Smith
Commercial Manager,
Moulding Contracts Limited.


“We were delighted with the results and the job ran smoothly…We found the CC easy to install even in difficult periods of bad weather and with us not being able to stop the flow of water. I would definitely recommend this product and most certainly use it again”

Paul Wiles,
Works supervisor


“Great first impression, we’ve not used it before but would definitely do so again. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t require any complex methods: you just need to put it in place and add water. There are so many different applications for it, I will definitely be using it on future projects. ”

Richard Foster
Sub Agent
BAM Nutall


“This product was the perfect solution for this problem as it allowed us stabilise the flood bank and give added protection against future high tides, with the added bonus of being quick and easy to install”

Phil Poole
Operations Delivery Technical support Team Member
National Resources Wales