Concrete Canvas

Concrete Impregnated Fabric…

Concrete Canvas Shelters (CCS) are rapidly deployable structures that can be deployed by two people in less than 24 hours.


There are two shelter sizes available, the CCS25 and the CCS50 with respective deployed areas of 25 and 50sqm.


CCS are prefabricated structures consisting of Concrete Canvas fixed to an inflatable inner with integral steel door sets at each end.

CCS are deployed in four stages; Delivery, Inflation, Hydration and Setting.

- Packaging
CCS are supplied in polyethylene, airtight, water proof, rot proof sacks within ISPM15 heat treated timber/ply panel crates.


- Modularity
CCS structures are designed as part of a modular system; units can be docked together to create arrays of structures to suit operational requirements.


- Inflatable Inner
Each CCS has a flame retardant reinforced polyethylene inflatable inner with internal hanging tabs (maximum load 20kg/tab). Disinfecting with high chlorine concentration will not damage the inner.


- Requirements for deployment
Both CCS variants can be deployed by 2 people. A CCS50 will require a vehicle or winch to aid with the unfolding of the shelter prior to inflation. Each shelter is provided with the ground pegs required for inflation.