Concrete Canvas

Concrete Impregnated Fabric…

There are 3 CC types available in the following thicknesses and roll formats:

Table 1edBulk Rolls / Batched Rolls 

CC is available in two standard roll sizes; bulk rolls or smaller, lighter batched rolls. The quantity per roll differs between the CC types as shown in the table above.

Bulk rolls weigh 1.6T and are supplied on 6 inch cardboard tubes which can be hung from a spreader beam and unrolled using suitable plant equipment. 

Bulk rolls provide the fastest method of laying CC and have the additional advantage of reducing the number of joints required.

Batched rolls are supplied on 3 inch cardboard cores with carry handles designed as a 2 to 4 man lift.

Packaging / Transportation

CC bulk rolls are individually wrapped and palletised on heat treated wooden pallets measuring 1.2 x 1.0m. CC batched rolls are similarly supplied, individually wrapped in airtight PE packaging and palletised. 10 batched rolls fit on a standard 1.2 x 1.0m pallet.  All CC rolls are provided with a basic hydration guide in English within the packaging.

For full details of packing weights and dimensions please refer to the “Concrete Canvas Shipping Info” document.