Concrete Canvas

Concrete Impregnated Fabric…

Rapid Install - CC can be laid at a rate of 200sqm/hour by a 3 man team.  Typical installation speeds are up to 10 times faster than conventional concrete solutions.

Easy to Use - CC is available in man portable rolls eliminating the need for plant on site and allowing concrete installation in areas with limited  access. Prior to hydration, CC layers can be cut to length using basic hand tools eliminating the hazards associated with using power tools in high risk environments. The concrete is pre-mixed so there is no need for mixing, measuring or compacting. Just add water.

Low Project Cost - The speed and ease of installation mean CC is more cost-effective than conventional concrete, with less logistical burden. Up to 200 square metres of CC can be supplied on a single pallet, greatly reducing transportation logistics and on site storage.

Eco Friendly - CC is a low mass, low carbon technology which uses up to 95% less material than conventional concrete for many applications.