A59 Drainage issues solved with help from Concrete Canvas

15 July 2019


1500m² of CC13™ were installed on this project alongside the A59 in Yorkshire back in 2016.

CC was used to create temporary aggregate drainage channels (or French drains) to provide slip mitigation alongside a stretch of the A59. Sections of the A59 are prone to flooding and drainage issues, which can lead to slip. In January 2016, a landslip on this section led to an 8-week road closure.

CC lined a 400m long aggregate drain underneath a compacted temporary access road on the northern bank of the roadside during works to rectify the drainage issues. Previous channels had been installed using CC in 2014 in this area (see image below, right).

The temporary drainage improvements successfully stabilised the addressed section of the A59 over a consultation period of two years at which point more extensive works and the possible re-alignment of the A59 would be considered.