CC Hydro used to line ponds in mammal and bird enclosures at St Quentin Zoo, France

07 February 2018

In December 2016, CC HydroTM (CCH, branded Cimtex Hydro in France) was used to line newly constructed bird and mammal ponds in St Quentin Zoo, located in the Aisne department in France.

In a regeneration project, a number of new ponds were excavated inside bird and mammal enclosures at the zoo which required a lining solution that could not only provide impermeable water containment, but could also withstand the damage and erosion that would come over time from the impact of the mammals’ and birds’ hooves, claws and so on. A resin solution was considered for the project but the speed of installation of CCH convinced the client to choose CCH. The material’s ability to meet the other aformentioned characteristics were also an advantage.

The works were carried out by Eiffage TP Route for St Quentin Council.