CC installed as channel lining measure for gas pipeline project

08 July 2019


Concrete Canvas® was specified and installed as a channel lining solution on a slope at a site in Alexandroupolis, Greece.

The channel was lined as part of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) Project which involved the construction of a pipeline to transport natural gas from the border of Turkey and Greece to Italy's gas transportation network in the South.

CC was specified as a solution for lining the naturally formed ditch to prevent further erosion and protect the slope and pipeline. Various solutions were tried prior to the use of CC, but all failed or were found to be impractical due to access on site.

A total of 1325m² of CC material was installed in 20 days, providing an erosion protection measure to the channel, improving the site's drainage system and allowing for a quick and easy installation process despite access restrictions on site.

The channel lining project in Alexandroupolis has led to the consideration of CC specification on similiar future projects.