CC5 used for Slope Protection overlooking railway in Linha do Doura, Portugal

01 November 2017

In  December  2016,  Concrete  Canvas®  GCCM*  (CC)  was  used  to  protect  and  stabilise  a  slope  in  Linha  do  Douro, Mosteirô, Baião, Portugal.

The slope was situated alongside a single track railway and the installation undertaken in very cold conditions for the area, with temperatures dropping to around 5°C.

Shotcrete was also considered but CC was chosen as it didn’t require closure of the single-track railway which would have created significant disruption and problems for users of the railway and the public management company, Infraestuturas de Portugal.

The works were carried out by Maranhão, Sociedade de Construções, SA for Infraestruturas de Portugal.

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