Concrete Canvas® used as a slope protection solution under a building in Brunei

19 August 2019


A slope below Balai Purun hall in Tasek Merimbun, Brunei - one of the country's first and only ASEAN heritage buildings - was suffering an erosion problem which was so severe, the building had been forced to close as it was deemed unsafe.

The Public Works Department specified Concrete Canvas® as a slope protection solution in order to prevent further erosion and protect the hertiage building.

Alternatives were considered but were inappropriate for the project due to access restrictions to the crest of the slope as a result of minimal headroom for the installation crew, lack of sunlight for vegetation-based solutions, and rebound and mess associated with sprayed and poured concrete, which could affect the building.

390m² of CC5™ were installed in total in just five days. The Public Works Department were pleased with the outcome and convenience of using CC for the project.