Cracked concrete block channel on Saudi Aramco's Yanbu Refinery site remediated using CC

08 December 2017

In December 2016, Concrete Canvas® GCCM* (CC) was used to remediate an existing channel which ran alongside a road in the grounds of the Yanbu Refinery, owned by Saudi Aramco, a Saudi Arabian oil company.

The channel had previously been lined with curved concrete blocks. The existing concrete had cracked and split in several places and was becoming a risk for weed protrusion as well as further erosion and damage.

Fixing the cracks and then laying a fresh channel with conventional concrete had been considered, but as the site was privately owned there was limited access and time on site. As CC would significantly reduce the time and cost of the job, this was chosen instead.

The works were carried out by FOQSCO for Saudi Aramco. To read on, click here.