Damaged water diversion pipe on hydroelectric plant site in Turkey remediated using CC

16 January 2018

In May 2017, Concrete Canvas® GCCM (CC) was used to line and protect the interior of a damaged diverting pipe in a remote area in the town of İkizdere, in the Turkish province of Rize.

The pipe functions as a water diversion pipeline from the İkizdere hydroelectric plant, owned by Zorlu Energy Group, which operates in Turkey, the Middle East and Asia. The pipeline, originally constructed using concrete, had badly deteriorated and were in need of remediation.

The main issue for the works was the inaccessibility of the site, making traditional solutions virtually impossible to adopt. Instead, CC was specified for the project; specifically, batched rolls of CC8TM, to enable easier manual handling on-site, and smoother transportation to site. Due to the restricted site access, the rolls of CC had to be brought to site using an improvised cable car system.

The works were carried out by Arsan Yapi Ltd.Sti. for Zorlu Energy.

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