Data Protection is changing - Update your preferences for more personalised campaigns!

16 May 2018

The law on Data Protection is changing and we are trying to make things easier for our subscribers.

In just over 1 week, on May 25th, the laws which govern the use of personal data are changing and we need to make sure that you are still happy with receiving information from us.

We have lots of events, exhibitions and other exciting news to come this year, so we wouldn't want you to miss out. Campaigns will be as tailored as possible, depending on your updated preferences, with the exception of our less frequent General Newsletters.

We will continue to send you email updates under the Legitimate Interest guidance which can be found here. Please make sure we are sending you relevant content by updating your preferences here.

Concrete Canvas will always keep your data secure; we will not pass it on to any third party and you will be able to easily opt-out at any time using the link provided on all email campaigns we send.

Over the next few weeks, we will be automatically removing any subscribers from our system who have not interacted with any of the last 5 of our campaigns. If this applies to you, you will receive an unsubscribe confirmation email - if you don't want to leave us, there will be a link within the email leading you to our 'update your preferences' form.

Thank you for your time!

The CC Marketing Team