Devon County Council use CC to line channel and protect adjacent canal

16 November 2018

In February 2018, Concrete Canvas® GCCM (CC) was used to line a channel which runs adjacent to the Grand Western Canal. The channel is situated between residential properties and a Devon County Council (DCC) owned jetty in Tiverton.

Upstream of the channel is a surface water network which manages runoff from gullies, streams and field drainage which suffers from heavy silt build up. Downstream, a syphon under the canal conveys the flow to features such as ponds and streams. Due to the silt build up issue upstream, the channel capacity was reduced and prone to flooding, particularly during storm events.

Following a canal breach in 2012, the client decided to take action to prevent flooding into the canal.

CC was specified to line the 120m channel section to increase capacity and prevent flooding into the canal. The project would also prevent erosion in high flows and simplify future maintenance.

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