Drainage channel on former Colliery site in South Wales lined using over 6000m² of CC

12 February 2018

In March 2017, Concrete Canvas® GCCM (CC) was used to provide an erosion protection layer for dilapidated sections of drainage channel as part of remedial drainage measures at the Bedwas Colliery site in South Wales.

Bedwas Colliery is a 20 hectare spoil tip and forms part of the historical mining legacy within the Caerphilly Basin in South Wales. Bedwas Colliery opened in 1913 and produced up to 675,000 tonnes of coal per year before its closure in 1985. Now managed by Caerphilly County Borough Council (CCBC), the site has a network of drainage channels to manage surface run-off.

Due to the high flow of water through the existing tip drainage channels, heavy scouring had occured, eroding the concrete and exposing the reinforcement below. Two sections of drainage channels were then proposed for lining with CC, each approx. 1000 linear metres in length with varying profile widths.

Read the full case study here.