FOQSCO installs 5600sqm of CC5 material at Saudi Aramco gas plant

24 June 2019

Saudi Aramco's Haradh Gas Field is one of Saudi Arabia's major gas plants. The facility is located 300km southwest of Dhahran, in the Saudi Arabian desert, meaning the substrate is sand-based and prone to weathering erosion.

On this particular slope, the weathering erosion was causing slip and threatening the stability of the plant's foundation. As a result, the client required a slope protection solution to prevent further erosion and slip, and protect the facility and its sensitive infrastructure.

Concrete Canvas® material CC5™ was specified for the project, with 5600m² installed in just 15 days, significantly reducing contractor, FOQSCO's time on site, and minimising disruption for the client and facility.

Evidence of erosion and slip at the Haradh Gas Field facility owned by Saudi Aramco.

Deployment of Concrete Canvas material at the Haradh Gas Field in Saudi Arabia.

Completed section of CC installation.

Completed CC installation at the Haradh Gas Plant - the CC was painted following setting to make it more sympathetic to the surroundings.