Hungarian Railway company specify CC for erosion control

14 May 2019

1700m² of Concrete Canvas' 5mm thick variant (CC5™) was used in a slope protection project at an industrial railway station within a quarry in Uzsabánya, Hungary.

The slopes were increasingly becoming affected by erosion, causing subsidance of the soil into a drainage channel system at the slope toe, which was in turn resulting in complex maintenance requirements.

When exploring solutions for the project, the contractor had to consider access restrictions, the requirement for easy and rapid installation, transportation of materials on site could not disrupt train traffic or work within the quarry, and time restrictions for working periods.

In order to resolve these issues, the contractor, MÁV FKG Kft., specified CC which would prevent saturation of the slope surfaces and provide weed suppression, reducing overall maintenance. By specifying batched rolls of the product, transportation on site was significantly improved as these rolls can be moved by hand, allowing for installation without the need for heavy plant.

The slope and erosion protection installation itself was carried out over a period of three months by a team of two.

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