Newly constructed bunds and channels lined using CC Hydro on Saudi Aramco rig site in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

20 February 2018

In November, CC HydroTM was used to provide erosion protection to a series of bunds and adjoining rain channels on the DMMM-DS-A Rig  Site owned by Saudi Aramco in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The first bund was approximately 320m in length, and an average of 11.5m wide, and the second was approximately 172m in length and an average of 24m wide.

CC Hydro was primarily chosen for the project due to it’s speed of installation. Time was critical in this installation as the rainy season was approaching and it was essential that this newly created bund was protected before the rain approached and could potentially damage it. The purpose of the bund itself was to prevent runoff rain water from damaging on-site drill locations.

There were no alternatives considered as the contractors had previously worked with CC products and were familiar with its properties and  advantages over traditional methods for applications such as this one. The works were carried out by FOQSCO for Saudi Aramco.

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