Newly constructed drainage channels in popular public park lined using Milliken's Concrete Cloth (CC)

04 June 2018

In March 2017, Concrete Canvas (Concrete Cloth in the US) was used to line a series of newly constructed drainage channels in Laguna Niguel in California, USA.

The local Public Works department needed to find a solution for a drainage and erosion issue on a popular walking trail in a public park. The trail, which runs across a large slope, was prone to damage and erosion from water runoff.

In addition to solving drainage issues, Public Works looked into reconfiguring the inlet with a more substantial, long-term solution that would enable sediment collection and allow the ‘cleaned’ runoff to flow into the drainage pipe. The chosen solution would also need to reduce annual maintenance.

Several solutions were considered, but CC was deemed the best solution for the requirements of the project. Find out how CC was used and see the installation's progress here.