Over 5000m² of CC5™ installed at TransCanada Compression Station

29 August 2019

A series of installations of Concrete Canvas® (CC) were carried out as part of a larger project where works were required on short-term and discontinous job activities around the site.

The site in question is a number of compression stations located in Veracruz, Mexico for the South Texas to Tuxpan Gas Pipeline run by TransCanada on behalf of Bonatti, SPA. The works were carried out at the Monte Grande, Higueros and Tamihaua stations.

CC was chosen to provide erosion protection to a number of slopes and channels on the site, with each section requiring between 50-500m² of CC material.

Due to the nature of the site, and access restrictions, the installations were mostly carried out manually, with just one crane used for moving bulk rolls of material from a warehouse to the installation sites.

A total of 5,200m² of CC5™ were installed during the region's rainy season, and in temperatures of up to 35°C.