“The product was a great success, shown by us using it again on the M1 project, and I would definitely use it on further schemes where the constraints are similar. The speed at which it was installed allowed follow on activities to proceed sooner than expected and allowed work to continue during the wetter months, which may not have been possible when using traditional methods. The product has held up fine, and to date there is no issue with the product, and is still fully functional.”

Dale Flower
Agent, Costain Ltd

“Using Concrete Canvas at this site had great benefits over conventional methods, with speed of delivery of works and negligible disruption to the local public and road users.”

Graham Spence
Senior Site Agent, Dyer & Butler

“Despite challenging weather conditions, and that this was our first experience of installing CC Hydro, we were delighted with the successful outcome of this project. With our vast and varied experience of welding conventional plastic liners for landfill projects, we were comfortable with the processes involved, following similar methodologies and using similar equipment. Having experience of CC Hydro now give us another option to present to clients and we very much look forward to the next project.”

Dyfed Jones
Project Manager, Celtic Lining

“The use of Concrete Canvas to create the elver and lamprey pass at Naburn Weir allows us to carry very low flows across complex ground conditions, without the concerns of differential settlement and without the requirement for constructing a traditional (expensive) reinforced concrete structure... The fibrous material can be latched onto by the lamprey when they are resting on their ascent of the channel and its innate flexibility provides an organic and naturalistic visual appearance, enhanced by how quickly the material has allowed mosses and in-channel plants to become established. The use of this material and this methodology at this site was a trial undertaken by our Fisheries and Project teams, but one which quickly realised positive results... and we are looking for opportunities to replicate this approach at other suitable sites.”

Paul Knight
Hull & Humber Environment Agency

“The end result is that there would have been an extra zero on the end of the price quote, if we had elected to use Shotcrete”

Bud Fassnacht
Ledcor Superintendent

“Greenside Mine is a former lead mine within the Lake District National Park. It is surrounded by sensitive habitats including Ullswater. With an annual rainfall of over 2500mm per year, we needed to improve surface drainage to prevent the erosion of mining waste and safeguard the environment. With no access to our site by any tracked or wheeled vehicle, we needed something that could be laid by hand but would provide a long term drainage solution. Concrete Canvas proved to be the ideal product.”

Martin Lord
Project Manager, Lake District National Park Authority

“Concrete Canvas has been a real eye opener for us in terms of technology. Our main priority is to ensure the safe and consistent transport of gas through our assets and adequately protect them from third party interference. Concrete Canvas provides three layers of protective measures: It prevents the need for maintenance over the Pipelines, it provides good visual detail for the Aerial surveillance teams and third parties and it physically protects the pipeline. We are extremely pleased with the results and speed of installation and following further trials will look to utilise this material still further for other functions and applications across the Gas Distribution Networks.”

Chris Thomas
Network Supervisor, East Midlands Operate & Maintain, National Grid

“This product was the perfect solution for this problem as it allowed us stabilise the flood bank and give added protection against future high tides, with the added bonus of being quick and easy to install.”

Phil Poole
Operations Delivery Technical Support Team Member, National Resources Wales


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