Durability - CC will protect the geotextile liner of a gabion structure from environmental degradation and UV damage, preventing wash out of the fines and maintaining the integrity of the structure. CC will also mitigate water saturation which may lead to slump. Capping of the gabion with CC will also prevent loss of fill material being blown by wind or rotor wash (FOD) in military applications. CC will also securely tie together multi-level gabion walls, limiting movement and extending their life by decades.

Security - encapsulating a gabion structure in CC will protect the asset from theft or vandalism of the cage structure and/or fill material. To do any real damage would require power tools.

Ease of installation - CC can be fixed to gabions using a variety of off-the-shelf hand tools, including hog-ringing, pigtail fixing or wire fixing. CC can be rapidly applied by hand with no specialist equipment. CC can be delivered in man-portable lengths which are easily fixed to the gabion structures.


Gabion Reinforcement (2009)




Avoid Voids

Avoid Voids

Secure CC

Secure CC

Prevent Ingress

Prevent Ingress

Hydrate Fully

Hydrate Fully

Prepare the substrate so that surfaces are well compacted, geotechnically stable with a smooth, uniform surface.

It is important to ensure that the CC is jointed at every overlap between layers and that those layers are fixed to the substrate.

It is important to prevent water or wind ingress between the CC and the substrate, both around the perimeter of the installation and along the joints.

It is important to properly hydrate CC, using enough water for the quantity of material used and allowing for drying conditions.



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