Cost savings – remediating existing assets can offer significant costs savings and operational efficiencies compared to new-build infrastructure.

Operational efficiencies – CC products offer installation rates typically ten times faster than conventional concrete solutions.

Durability – CC and CCH have excellent abrasion resistance, can withstand extremes of environmental weathering and provide robust protection against puncture, impact and animal damage. Lining concrete infrastructure with CC or CCH greatly increases the operational life and reduces the full life cycle costs of existing assets.

Maintain volume capacity and hydraulic requirement – typically, 5mm CC products are used for concrete remediation, which only nominally affects the volume capacity of any channel or lagoon. A low Manning’s value maintains the hydraulic requirements of any given channel, whilst the flexibility of the material allows for artificial baffling measures for assets requiring the reduction of flow velocities.


Remediation, Bowburn, UK




Avoid Voids

Avoid Voids

Secure CC

Secure CC

Prevent Ingress

Prevent Ingress

Hydrate Fully

Hydrate Fully

Prepare the substrate so that surfaces are well compacted, geotechnically stable with a smooth, uniform surface.

It is important to ensure that the CC is jointed at every overlap between layers and that those layers are fixed to the substrate.

It is important to prevent water or wind ingress between the CC and the substrate, both around the perimeter of the installation and along the joints.

It is important to properly hydrate CC, using enough water for the quantity of material used and allowing for drying conditions.



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