Concrete Canvas® is part of a revolutionary new class of construction materials called Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats (GCCMs). It is a flexible, concrete impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable, water proof and fire resistant concrete layer.
Essentially, it’s concrete on a roll.



Erosion Control




Rapidly deployable hardened shelters


Used by clients in more than 80 countries


Undisclosed Client Bund Lining Undisclosed, UK Read More 2012 Case Study
Luddon Construction on behalf of Petroineos Weed Suppression Falkirk, UK Read More 2016 Case Study
Agrotek Spa Channel Lining Vicuña, IV region, Chile Read More 2016 Case Study
ADIF Slope Protection Parla, Madrid, Spain Read More 2010 Case Study
NUNA INNOVATIONS Channel Lining Central Vancouver Island, Canada Read More 2016 Case Study


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MacRobert Awards Video

Concrete Canvas Ltd was a nominated finalist for the prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award. This was for the development and commercialisation of the core material technology behind Concrete Canvas and CC Hydro.