The speed and ease of installing CC means it is well suited to time-critical track-side work, reducing line possession and improving safety. Eliminating issues associated with rebound from shotcrete, and the large plant and equipment required for traditional concreting methods means rail works can continue without line closures.


Network Rail Channel Lining - Crest Drainage Pembrokeshire, Wales Case Study September 2018
MÁV Co. Slope Protection Uzsabánya, Hungary Case Study September 2018
Network Rail Weed Suppression Ilford, London, UK Case Study 2014
Queensland Rail Channel Lining Redbank Station, Queensland, Australia Read More 2017 Case Study
West Japan Railway Weed Suppression Okayama, Japan Read More 2017 Case Study
ADIF Slope Protection Parla, Madrid, Spain Read More 2010 Case Study




"Using Concrete Canvas at this site had great benefits over conventional methods, with speed of delivery of works and negligible disruption to the local public and road users." Graham Spence - Senior Site Agent, Dyer & Butler
"I consider CC to be a practical, fast and agile solution, which is easy to install without the need for specialised labour or lane/line possession. Another big advantage is the possibility to install CC on slopes or drainage elements under severe weather conditions. Also, the transportation, the finishing and cleaning of the work site and its surrounding area was superior to the alternatives. I would recommend it as a suitable solution for slopes and ditch lining for road and rail projects." Gisela Peleira - Infraestruturas de Portugal, SA
"The installations at Fosse Way set the benchmark for all future Concrete Canvas channel lining works." Mark Howells - Senior Drainage Engineer Western Route, Network Rail
"We were impressed with how easy it was to install the Concrete Canvas. The product is ideal for restricted access projects such as this as we could transport the material by hand. It would have been extremely difficult to repair this flume using other methods." Phil Kennerley - Senior Contracts Manager, Gardiners
"“The second day, when we came back to the site, we were amazed - the CC was hard and in place, we could not believe it.”" Diego Ferreira - Manager, Portex Terraplanagem
"As a preferred installer of CC, we’ve used the material on a number of installations across Scotland on various rail schemes. The speed at which we can install it and the fact that it can be laid in the rain means we can get in and out of sites quickly and provide Network Rail with a cost effective concrete solution in conditions and geographies that would be difficult if not impossible to do with conventional concrete options. I think it’s a great solution and will continue to use and recommend CC on other similar sites." Mel Kay - Project Manager, QTS Group
"Great first impression, we’ve not used it before but would definitely do so again. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t require any complex methods: you just need to put it in place and add water. There are so many different applications for it, I will definitely be using it on future projects." Richard Foster - Sub Agent, BAM Nuttall
"Concrete Canvas is a great solution as a viable alternative to below ground piped drainage for many crest drain applications. CC allows for long runs of effective crest drainage which is readily maintainable and prevents newly profiled ditches from overgrowing with vegetation, which in turn offers a cost effective solution for our Client." Mark Knowles - Senior Site Agent, QTS Group
"This was the first time we had used the canvas system, Concrete Canvas supplied an experienced Engineer who was able to give an informative talk to our management team and engineers on the product and how it is best used. They arranged to visit the site to give an informative tool box talk to operatives. The system itself was simple to install, the speed of which we could install the system was surprising. We are very pleased with the finished product and will continue to work with Concrete Canvas." Liam Tucker - Director, Suttle Projects



Product Brochures (5)

CC Civil Brochure
CC Data Sheet
CC Hydro Brochure
CC Hydro Data Sheet

Case Studies (34)

CC Case Study Compilation - Rail
CC Channel Lining - Sherston, Wiltshire (Phase 2)
CC Channel Lining - London Underground
CC Channel Lining - Corbridge, UK
CC Ditch Lining - Buzy, France (SNCF)
CC Channel Lining - VLI, Brazil
CC Slope Protection - Madrid, Spain
CC Slope Protection - Linha do Douro, Portugal

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