Our products go through rigorous testing before reaching our customers. The video above shows the three-point bend test that our products are subjected to on a daily basis.

We test our products to the ASTM D8364 – the international specification standard for GCCMs.

Concrete Canvas is the first GCCM in the world to meet this standard.

A three-point bend test, also known as a flexural test, is a mechanical test used to determine the flexural strength and stiffness of a material. This test involves applying a load to the centre of a specimen supported at two points, causing it to bend. The key objective is to measure the material’s response to bending forces, which includes the maximum stress and strain it can withstand before failure. This test is performed to the ASTM D8058 standard, an indicator of overall performance.

Further information about our testing procedures are available here:

Technical Note I

Technical Note II

Technical Note III

Kings Award for Enterprise - International Trade

Concrete Canvas (CC) has been honoured with the 2024 King’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade, marking a significant achievement in our global business endeavours. The selection process for these prestigious awards involves deliberations between the Palace and the Prime Minister’s Advisory Committee at 10 Downing Street. This year, 252 distinguished UK organisations have been acknowledged with the second edition of the King’s Awards for Enterprise, established following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022.

The awards aim to commend and foster remarkable accomplishments in various sectors, including Innovation,International Trade, Sustainable Development, and Promoting Opportunity, mainly through social mobility initiatives. 11 businesses from Wales have been distinguished among the recipients.

CC, previously honoured with the Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2014 and Enterprise in International Trade in 2019, continues to impress with its remarkable growth in international trade and export activities. Over 90% of all materials produced at the company headquarters and manufacturing facility in South Wales are exported overseas.

CC products, a testament to our global reach, have made their way to more than 100 countries since inception. This remarkable achievement is made possible by a team of over 60 employees, including 11 overseas staff managing the company’s regional offices in America, UAE, Malaysia, Australia, Hungary, and Italy.

Co-Director William Crawford expressed deep gratitude for the recognition, stating;

“Receiving the King’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade is a tremendous honour for us. It underscores the collective effort and dedication of everyone atConcrete Canvas and the invaluable support from our international sales partners worldwide. Their unwavering commitment to our company and products has been instrumental in our success.”

As winners, a CC representative will be invited to a Royal reception at Windsor Castle and presented with a Grant of Appointment (an official certificate) and a commemorative crystal trophy – by one of The King’s representatives.

St David Awards Concrete Canvas Team

We are delighted to have won the prestigious St. David Award for Innovation, Science, and Technology. Presented by the First Minister of Wales, Vaughan Gething, this accolade acknowledges the groundbreaking work of everyone at Concrete Canvas in developing the revolutionary CCX product and its global impact.

First Minister, William and Peter

© Welsh Government (Crown Copyright), all rights reserved

The St. David Award recognises excellence and achievement in Wales across various fields, and Concrete Canvas is proud to have earnt its place among the distinguished winners. Concrete Canvas continues to lead the charge towards a more sustainable future through manufacturing lower carbon concrete alternatives.

The journey to this prestigious award has been one of dedication, perseverance, and collaboration. Peter Brewin, Co-Director of Concrete Canvas, expressed his gratitude for the recognition, acknowledging the tireless efforts of the entire team. He emphasised the pivotal role played by the researchers, scientists, and engineers at Concrete Canvas, whose hard work and ingenuity have been instrumental in the development of CCX.

Peter Brewin delivering a speech

© Welsh Government (Crown Copyright), all rights reserved

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, let us also extend our congratulations to the other outstanding companies recognised in the Innovation, Science, and Technology category. Among them, Cariad and Dr. Gwen Rees stand as shining examples of innovation and dedication in their respective fields.

Congratulations to everyone at Concrete Canvas on this well-deserved recognition, and here’s to many more milestones ahead!

St David Award at Concrete Canvas HQ

In July 2023, Concrete Canvas Ltd’s revolutionary product, CCX-MAT® GCCM (CCX-M®), was employed to address a critical need in a hydroelectric project in Semarang, Java, Indonesia. The product was used to line and provide erosion control for a water diversion channel, demonstrating the potential for innovative materials in enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of hydroelectric projects.

CCX-M River Diversion Indonesia

Click here to watch the case study video

The Challenge

The water diversion channel was designed as a temporary structure with the goal of blocking and diverting water run-off from the hydroelectric project site. The channel was intended to be fully submerged within two years, making it essential to line the channel to prevent erosion and water seepage into the surrounding area.

Traditional Solutions Fall Short

Initially, traditional poured concrete was suggested for lining the channel. However, the remote location and scale of the project made this approach financially unfeasible due to high costs associated with logistics, materials, specialist equipment, and labour. Similarly, shotcrete was considered and initially used, but it failed to adhere to the existing soil, further complicating the project.

The CCX-M® Solution

CCX Indonesia

CCX-M® emerged as the optimal solution for this hydroelectric project. This Type II GCCM, as defined in ASTM D8364 – Standard Specification for GCCMs, is ideal for lining hydraulic structures with both soil and solid subgrades. The choice of CCX-M® was driven by its ease and speed of transportation and installation, which required minimal equipment and a small team, significantly reducing overall costs.

Preparation and Installation

Before the installation of CCX-M®, the 360-meter-long channel was excavated and prepared to precise specifications. Anchor trenches were excavated at the shoulders, upstream, and downstream of the channel. Bulk Rolls of CCX-M® were transported to the site and lifted into place using a crane with a spreader beam attachment. The material was laid transversely across the channel’s width and cut to length with basic hand tools. The installation process involved overlapping each layer of CCX-M®, secured with stainless steel screws along the overlap marker line. The material was hydrated after each shift using a hose and water pumped from a nearby stream.

CCX Indonesia

Project Success

Thanks to the speed and ease of application, the CCX-M® was installed at an impressive rate of 700m² per day (during 7-hour shifts) by a team of nine installers. The project was completed ahead of schedule, earning praise from both the clients, The Ministry of Public Works & Housing Indonesia, and the sub-contractors, PT Prima Minechem Indonesia.

ConclusionAerial View CCX Indonesia River Diversion

The successful use of CCX-MAT® GCCM in this hydroelectric project highlights the importance of innovative materials in the construction and maintenance of hydraulic structures. The project in Semarang serves as a model for future hydroelectric projects, demonstrating how advanced materials can provide effective solutions for erosion control, cost efficiency, and project sustainability.


View the full case study here.

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