World-Renowned Designer and Architect Lord Norman Foster Visits CCHQ

Lord Norman Foster, founder of global architecture and design practice Foster + Partners and president of the Norman Foster Foundation, recently visited the headquarters of Concrete Canvas Ltd.

The Norman Foster Foundation has previously worked with the new CCX™ material, the latest high performance GCCM created by Concrete Canvas Ltd, on the Essential Homes Research Project collaboration. In this transformative initiative, Lord Foster contributed his visionary expertise, to design a housing model to fulfil the essential human needs of safety, comfort, and well-being for displaced communities worldwide.

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The Essential Homes Research Project, is currently on display at the prestigious Time Space Existence Exhibition from 20th May 2023 to 26th November 2023 in Venice. The physical prototype of this ground-breaking concept can be experienced at Marinaressa Gardens, Palazzo Mora, during the exhibition period.

In an era characterised by urgent environmental concerns, architects, engineers, and innovators are actively seeking sustainable solutions to combat climate change. The Essential Home Research Project, a collaborative endeavour from the Norman Foster Foundation and Holcim, is at the forefront of these efforts. A pioneering housing solution has been developed, highlighting the potential of lower-carbon building materials.
This project is a source of inspiration for the construction industry, encouraging the adoption of sustainable practices and significantly reducing carbon emissions.

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Read the full press release here.

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