DSC8939We are delighted to share the exciting news of the recent visit to the United Kingdom by the Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers (Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan), His Excellency Akylbek Zhaparov. This inaugural visit marked a significant step in strengthening bilateral ties between Kyrgyzstan and the UK, focusing on collaboration and exploration of innovative opportunities.

The highlight of Prime Minister Zhaparov’s visit was a special trip to the heart of innovation at Concrete Canvas, a first of its kind.


Will Crawford, Co-Director of Concrete Canvas, expressed his gratitude and excitement, stating, “An absolute privilege to help host the delegation from Kyrgyzstan this morning at the Concrete Canvas headquarters and factory in Wales. We wish the Prime Minister and his delegation every success on the rest of their visit to the UK.”


The visit began on a positive note, with Ian Woodcock, Co-Founder of United Concrete Canvas, commending the high-level delegation’s commitment and enthusiasm. “I can personally confirm that the high-level delegation got off to an excellent start at Concrete Canvas in Wales this morning. Top marks to the delegation who, after an all-night flight, went straight to work in great spirits in Wales. An immense pleasure to meet them all,” Woodcock shared.


Concrete Canvas is renowned for its innovative solutions that combine cement with fabric technology, providing sustainable and efficient construction alternatives. The visit by Prime Minister Zhaparov and his delegation exemplifies the global interest in cutting-edge technologies and solutions that can address the evolving challenges of infrastructure development.

Kyrgyzstan PM Visit

This collaborative exchange serves as a testament to the commitment of both nations to fostering innovation and exploring opportunities for mutual growth. The willingness of the Kyrgyzstani delegation to engage in substantive discussions and hands-on experiences, even after a long journey, underscores the importance they place on establishing meaningful partnerships.

Demo Park PM Visit

As the delegation continues its visit to the UK, we anticipate the exploration of further opportunities for collaboration in various sectors. Concrete Canvas, with its dedication to innovation and sustainability, stands as a symbol of the UK’s expertise and willingness to share knowledge on a global scale.

Kyrgyzstan PM Demo Park Tour

The visit of Prime Minister Zhaparov to Concrete Canvas in Wales is a milestone in the diplomatic relations between Kyrgyzstan and the United Kingdom, reflecting the shared commitment to progress through innovation. We look forward to witnessing the positive outcomes and lasting partnerships that may emerge from this historic visit.

Kyrgyzstan PM Leaving CC

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