CC's ability to remediate existing infrastructure greatly increases the operational life of assets, avoiding costly re-build and mitigating future maintenance costs.

CC does not require specialist contractors for installation, so local authorities, councils and government agencies can make use of their existing local framework contractors.

CC has an expected design life of over 50 years and has been tested to more than 200 cycles of freeze-thaw testing. The concrete used within CC is very hard wearing and has twice the wear resistance of OPC. It has excellent resistance to chemical attack and UV degradation.


Natural Resources Wales (NRW) Slope Protection Pontypridd, UK Read More 2016 Case Study
Geo Consulting Service Temporary Works Enna, Sicily Read More 2015 Case Study
Environment Agency Sand Martin Bank Coatham Marsh Nature Reserve, UK Read More 2013 Case Study


Some of the people we have worked with


"Concrete Canvas allowed us to quickly and effectively provide protection to a slope which was experiencing ground movement. The site was particularly diffi cult as it was on an exposed coastal cliff top and steep slope. The Concrete Canvas was laid in less than a day and without the need for heavy plant machinery, and also allowed the provision of an access ramp and superfi cial drainage. We would recommend its use to anyone facing similar challenges with slope stabilisation." Jacqueline Skipper - Senior Geologist, Geotechnical Consulting Group
"With the use of the Concrete Canvas, the Client was able to keep the existing culvert in place, giving it a new lease of life. This is a huge cost saving when compared to replacing the culvert entirely." Christiaan Van Wyk - KayTech Engineered Fabrics
"This product was the perfect solution for this problem as it allowed us stabilise the flood bank and give added protection against future high tides, with the added bonus of being quick and easy to install." Phil Poole - Operations Delivery Technical Support Team Member, National Resources Wales



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