In June 2017, CC Hydro (CCH) GCCB* was used to provide a waterproof layer to bridge decking on the Old Elvet Bridge in Durham, UK. The Old Elvet Bridge is a Grade I listed mediaeval masonry arch bridge across the River Wear, linking the peninsula in central Durham and the Elvet area of the city. Building of the bridge began in AD 1160, and construction of the arches is believed to have continued into the 13th century, although exactly how many there are is still debated to this day.

An inspection identified that the arch barrels were saturated in localised areas with water staining to most of the arches indicating any waterproofing was not adequate and probably not present at all. If this issue was not addressed the deterioration of the masonry would continue. As a result Durham County Council (DCC) who maintain the bridge required a solution for repairing the bridge deck and preventing water ingress.

Read on to find out just how CC Hydro became the solution here.

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