11 NOVEMBER 2019

In April 2018 a Polish court granted a preliminary injunction against Eurobent Sp.zo.o – the manufacturer of Tiltex™ (a cement/sand filled GCL product marketed as a GCCM*) – to refrain from infringement of Concrete Canvas Technology Ltd.’s patent PL/EP 2027319. The preliminary injunction has been final and binding since June 2018.

The court has again ruled** that the preliminary injunction is upheld and Eurobent Sp.z o.o. must not infringe Concrete Canvas Technology Ltd.’s patent PL/EP 2027319.

The fine for non-compliance remains amongst the highest on record set by a Polish court for a case of this type.

Concrete Canvas Ltd. wish to reiterate that they will seek to enforce their intellectual property rights where they have grounds to believe that they are being infringed by a manufacturer, distributor or otherwise.




Concrete Canvas Ltd. was incorporated in the UK in 2005, it manufactures three award winning products, Concrete Canvas®, Concrete Canvas Shelters™ and CC Hydro™. These products were developed to exploit a unique material technology invented by Peter Brewin (MEng) and Will Crawford (MEng) whilst studying Industrial Design Engineering at Imperial College and the Royal College of Art in London.

Concrete Canvas Ltd’s core material technology enables the supply of unique construction solutions that are extremely fast, easy to install and environmentally friendly. The company prides itself on innovation, quality and responsiveness to our customers’ needs.

The primary markets for Concrete Canvas Ltd are in the civil infrastructure (road and rail), mining and petrochemical sectors where CC is used for erosion control applications such as channel lining, slope protection and bund lining. The company has grown rapidly since 2005 and has sold its products to over 80 countries around the world.


*Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat

** This decision may be appealed


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