Channel Lining in Pen Mill, Yeovil

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In August 2021, B Keogh Construction undertook a project to line a surface water interception channel on the Wessex Route for Network Rail in Yeovil, Somerset. They used the innovative Concrete Canvas® (CC8™) GCCM, a Type II GCCM that is abrasion, wear, and loading-resistant, and BBA certified with a durability of over 120 years in erosion control applications.

Creating a Scour-resistant Channel

Pen Mill Yeovil Channel Lining Project

Due to localized flooding of the railway line during heavy rainfall and small landslips along the adjacent cutting, the decision was made to reprofile the cutting and create a channel to intercept surface water from nearby farmland. The channel needed to be resistant to scour, making CC8™ an ideal choice for the project.

Installation Process

Pen Mill Channel Lining Installation

B Keogh Construction cut a trapezoid open channel using a V-ditch bucket and excavator before filling any large voids to create a uniform and smooth substrate ready for the installation of CC8™. The material was delivered in Bulk Rolls and suspended in the air from a spreader beam for ease of installation. Groundworkers then installed it across the channel in a transverse lay-up, achieving installation rates in excess of 200m2 a day.

Ensuring Longevity and Stability

Pen Mill Yeovil Securing CC

Once the CC8™ had been placed across the open channel, it was pegged to the ground inside of 150mm deep anchor trenches to prevent wind and water from undermining the material. Adjacent layers of CC8™ were overlapped and jointed with screws and a continuous bead of approved sealant, minimizing permeability and reducing the escape of water into the ground. All CC8™ installed during the day was fully hydrated at the end of every shift, and the anchor trenches were then back-filled to prevent any wind and water ingress under the material.

Future-proofing the Rail Network

Pen Mill Yeovil Completed Channel Lining Project

By using CC8™, the contracting team saved time on-site, reduced the logistical footprint of the project, and effectively future-proofed the local rail network against adverse weather events. Concrete Canvas® is revolutionizing the construction industry with its innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions for erosion control, containment, and more.

You can download the full case study here.

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