CC has a low alkaline reserve, a low washout rate and a low carbon footprint, minimising impact on the environment. CC can be used to reline existing concrete infrastructure in fisheries, canals or irrigation ditches. Time-critical remediation work can be completed quickly and easily.


Agrotek Spa Channel Lining Vicuña, IV region, Chile Read More 2016 Case Study
Agrotek Spa Channel Lining La Serena, IV region, Chile Read More 2016 Case Study
Vertical Green Channel Lining VIVIX S.A. Read More 2017 Case Study
Environment Agency Channel Lining - Elver and Lamprey Pass York, UK Read More 2014 Case Study


Some of the people we have worked with


"The use of Concrete Canvas to create the elver and lamprey pass at Naburn Weir allows us to carry very low flows across complex ground conditions, without the concerns of differential settlement and without the requirement for constructing a traditional (expensive) reinforced concrete structure... The fibrous material can be latched onto by the lamprey when they are resting on their ascent of the channel and its innate flexibility provides an organic and naturalistic visual appearance, enhanced by how quickly the material has allowed mosses and in-channel plants to become established. The use of this material and this methodology at this site was a trial undertaken by our Fisheries and Project teams, but one which quickly realised positive results... and we are looking for opportunities to replicate this approach at other suitable sites." Paul Knight - Hull & Humber Environment Agency



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