Copper mining is reported to have begun in the Avoca River valley in around 1720 and continued, with interruptions, until 1982. Among the minerals produced in the last two centuries, copper has been primarily mined along with silver and gold, although the latter was mined to a lesser extent. The Avoca river, which flows southwards through the Avoca mine site, is overlooked by upland areas known as the East and West Avoca mine areas.

Mineral extraction has left an environmental legacy that comprises open pits, over 70 shafts and adits, numerous spoil piles and former mine buildings and structures. Water discharges from the abandoned copper and sulphur mines are acidic and metal laden which impacts water quality in the Avoca River.

In June 2017, Concrete Canvas® GCCM* (CC) was used to line a series of drainage channels to divert surface water around a remediated contaminated spoil site at the Avoca Mines in Wicklow, Ireland.

Find out more about this case study, and how CC will help the communities surrounding the Avoca Mining sites, here.

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