On 7th January 2016, the steep slope overlooking part of the Newcastle to Carlisle rail line between Corbridge and Riding Mill, on the south side of the line, suffered a significant failure, resulting in a landslide which covered the tracks in soil, debris and fallen trees, closing the line. The event occurred following a prolonged period of heavy rainfall, which was reported to be the most exceptional period of rainfall on record for the area, with significant overland flows breaching the existing drainage network at the crest of the cutting slope, triggering the landslide.

The channel installed using CC helped to direct and control drainage on the site, and was specified to be deeper than the original drainage system, in order to ensure it was able to manage the volume of water flowing through it. CC was specified to reduce the risk of any future water ingress into the cutting. The works were carried out by Construction Marine Limited for Network Rail.

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