Concrete Canvas Channel Lining at Five Mile Lane

Five Mile Lane Before Five Mile Lane Aged

In June 2018, Concrete Canvas was specified to provide a channel lining solution to a newly constructed trapezoidal drainage channel that was cut into the eastern crest of the new road cutting. Find out more about the project below.

Channel Lining at Five Mile Lane

The project

Channel Lining at Five Mile Lane

The Five Mile Lane Improvements Project aimed to improve safety along the existing A4226 road (also known as Five Mile Lane) in Barry, South Wales. The scheme involved a combination of improvements including construction of a new road that bypasses the winding central station of the existing road.

The solution

Five Mile Lane Before Five Mile Lane Aged

CC was delivered in bulk rolls of the specified 8mm variant (CC8™) and mounted onto a spreader beam for easy deployment. The material was laid transversely across the width of the channel, starting downstream to allow for the creation of material overlaps in the direction of water flow to prevent ingress.

Given the volume and flow rates anticipated, the channel required lining to prevent water ingress into the cutting and scouring of the invert.

The material was cut to length on site to reduce material wastage and accommodate variations in profile width or channel curvature. Each transverse layer was secured within the anchor trench using 250mm ground pegs through the overlapped layers. The material was then also jointed along the overlaps at 150mm intervals using 30mm stainless steel screws, placed 30mm away from the leading edge.

Channel Lining Five Mile Lane Secured

Following jointing and fixing, the CC was hydrated using a 4000-litre bowser and pump. CC reaches 80% strength just 24 hours after hydration, after which time, the anchor trenches were backfilled to bury the material edges, providing a neat termination and preventing any water ingress.

Channel Lining Five Mile Lane Hydration

Once set, CC forms a thin, durable, water proof and fibre reinforced concrete layer, providing 7.5x greater abrasion resistance than a poured OPC alternative.

Concrete Canvas® is the original GCCM and the first product to declare conformance to ASTM D8364-Standard Specification. This is the only internationally recognised GCCM specification standard and lists erosion control applications by three classifications, Type I, Type II and Type III. It defines the minimum performance values required for each type based on the use of test methods that are specific to GCCM materials. ASTM D8364 is an important resource for clients, consultants and contractors wishing to ensure the GCCM used on their project is fit for purpose. For Five Mile Lane, we recommended that CC8 which is Type II was used.

The results

Over 2250m² of CC8™ material was installed in less than four days by a crew of 4, using minimal plant. As Concrete Canvas has been approved by BBA to provide durability of 120 years, we expect the relined channel to continue protecting the surrounding environment for many years to come.

Aged Channel Lining Five Mile Lane

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