Concrete Canvas Just Got Better!

From June 2022, Concrete Canvas Ltd are upgrading Concrete Canvas® GCCMs* (CC5, CC8, CC13) to a new, lower carbon, T-series product line (CCT1, CCT2, CCT3).

  • Lower Carbon

  • Higher Performance

  • Aligned with ASTM D8364

Concrete Canvas CC > CCT Series

Concrete Canvas Ltd, the inventors of GCCM technology, are proud to announce the launch of this latest innovation. The new product range has been developed to have a significantly reduced environmental footprint than standard CC, whilst delivering even higher performance. With the same rigorous attention to quality manufacturing on which we have built our reputation, Concrete Canvas products just got even better…

LOWER CARBON: The new T-series has 33% less embodied carbon than standard CC, providing more than 60% savings when used to replace conventional poured concrete for erosion control applications*. Concrete Canvas Ltd are working hard to reduce our environmental footprint and are proud that by replacing conventional concrete solutions, CC products sold to date are estimated to have saved over 3000T of CO2 emissions globally **. The T-series will build on this legacy at an accelerated pace.

EVEN HIGHER PERFORMANCE: The new T-series has 25% higher abrasion resistance providing longer-lasting protection in erosion control applications. With a wear rate which is 5 times lower than ST4 concrete*** the new T-series continues to be the ideal choice for channel lining and slope protection applications.

ALIGNED WITH ASTM D8364 (Standard Specification for GCCM Materials): CC products are the first GCCMs to meet the International Specification Standard for GCCMs – ASTM D8364. The new T-series product range (T1, T2, T3) is engineered to align with the ASTM classification levels (Type I, II, III) to make specifying the right product even easier. Using the ASTM Specification Standard helps protect specifiers and customers and ensures they get the right product for the right application.

As part of this upgrade there will be a few changes to the product’s physical dimensions, which are designed to economise transport logistics while maintaining higher product performance. Further information on roll weights for shipping logistics can be accessed here.

A full set of updated literature for the new series can be accessed on the Concrete Canvas website here.

Thickness Bulk Roll Batched Roll > Thickness Bulk Roll Batched Roll
(mm) (m2) (m2) > (mm) (m2) (m2)
CC5 5 200 10 > CCT1 5 170 10
CC8 8 125 5 > CCT2 7 125 5
CC13 12 80  N/A > CCT3 11 80  N/A
CCH5 6 150  N/A > CCHT1 6 150  N/A
CCH8 9 100  N/A > CCHT2 8 100  N/A

We look forward to supporting customers with the roll out of this latest innovation which enhances the benefits that CC products offer to our users around the world.

Conforms to ASTM

*Based on independent LCA to ISO14040 by Ricardo Energy & Environment

**Estimate based on Ricardo LCA CO2e savings using global CC historical sales data.

***Based on Taber Abrader testing to ASTMC1353 comparing wear rate at 28 days of CC cementitious layer to high slump 20MPa ST4 mix prepared to BS8500-2

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