Our case study from Lebanon is here! CC was used to remediate an irrigation channel in Adloun...

22 January 2018

In April 2017, Concrete Canvas® GCCM (CC) was used to remediate a 45-year-old concrete irrigation channel in Adloun, South Lebanon. The project was carried out as a trial for the client, Litani River Authority, to establish whether CC was a suitable solution for remediation of the full length of the channel.

The channel extends from the general distributor to the Sineeq course to the south of the Sidon with a length of 25km, and was severely damaged. Its condition had deteriorated throughout the years, causing longitudinal cracks which impacted the hydraulic performance of the   channel. Due to seasonal water needs, there are only a few months each year when construction work can take place; as a result, speed was of the essence. The use of CC also minimised interruption to the water supply for the residents along the canal, who depend on it for irrigation during the dry season (May to November).

The works were carried out by Rousse Contracting Co. and Litani River Authority (LRA).

See the full case study for this installation here.