Cannot Be Over-Hydrated - CC has a unique formula which ensures that the material cannot be over-hydrated, allowing installation to go ahead in all weather conditions and without concern of spoiling the product during the hydration process.

No Rebound - CC produces no back spray, eliminating problems associated with using sprayed concrete or resin based surfacing and reinforcement systems around sensitive infrastructure.

High Impermeability - Lagoon lining uses CC Hydro which has excellent impermeability and has been independently tested to BS-EN-1377 to have a hydraulic conductivity better than 1×10-12 m/s.

Strong Joints - CC Hydro incorporates a high-visibility welding strip, allowing the joint to be thermally bonded with a twin-track air channel for fast and simple on-site pressure testing, and strong, lasting joints.



Avoid Voids

Avoid Voids

Secure CC

Secure CC

Prevent Ingress

Prevent Ingress

Hydrate Fully

Hydrate Fully

Prepare the substrate so that surfaces are well compacted, geotechnically stable with a smooth, uniform surface.

It is important to ensure that the CC is jointed at every overlap between layers and that those layers are fixed to the substrate.

It is important to prevent water or wind ingress between the CC and the substrate, both around the perimeter of the installation and along the joints.

It is important to properly hydrate CC, using enough water for the quantity of material used and allowing for drying conditions.


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