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Product Brochures (8)

CC Civil Brochure
CC Hydro Brochure
CC Data Sheet
CC Hydro Data Sheet
CC BBA Certification
CC Shelters Brochure

User Guides (7)

CC User Guide - General
CC User Guide - Jointing and Fixing
CC Thermal Bonding Guide
CC Hydro - Thermal Welding Guide
CC & CC Hydro - Hydration Guide
User Guide - Equipment List
CC Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Installation Guides (7)

CC Installation Guide - Channel Lining
CC Installation Guide - Slope Protection
CC/CCH Installation Guide - Bund Lining
CC Installation Principles
CC Installation Guide - Weed Suppression
CC Installation Guide - Remediation
CC Installation Guide - Warmer Climates

Case Studies (332)

CC Case Study Compilation - Rail
CC Case Study Compilation - Road
CC Case Study Compilation - Petrochem
CC Case Study Compilation - Mining
CC Case Study Compilation - Agricultural
CC Case Study Compilation - Utilities
CC Case Study Compilation - Public Works
CC Case Study Compilation - Defence
CC Case Study Compilation - Design
CC Case Study Compilation - Design - Exhibition
CC Case Study Compilation - Design - Furniture
CC Case Study Compilation - Design - Sculptural
CC Case Study Compilation - Channel Lining
CC Case Study Compilation - Slope Protection
CC Case Study Compilation - Bund Lining
CC Case Study Compilation - Remediation
CC Case Study Compilation - Culvert Lining
CC Case Study Compilation - Gabions
CC Compilation - Aged Case Studies
CC Bund Lining - Buru Energy - Ungani, Australia
CC Bund Lining - Abu Dhabi Pipe Protection
CC Bund Lining - Classified, UK
CC Bund Lining - Oman
CC Bund Lining - Queensland, Australia
CC Bund Lining - Santos, Cook, Australia
CC Bund Lining - Washington, USA
CC Bund Lining - Athens, Greece
CC Hydro Bund Lining - Classified, UK
CC Channel Lining - A21 Tonbridge to Pembury, UK
CC Channel Lining - Avoca Mines, Ireland
CC Channel Lining - Corbridge, UK
CC Remediation - Kenyir Dam, Malaysia
CC Channel Lining - La Mina, Colombia (Dissipator)
CC Channel Lining - Bellavista, Chile
CC Channel Lining - Canal & River Trust, UK
CC Channel Lining - Casterino, France
CC Channel Lining - Cubatao, Brazil
CC Channel Lining - Devon County Council, UK
CC Channel Lining - Glenridding
CC Channel Lining - London Underground
CC Channel Lining - Myra Falls, Canda
CC Channel Lining - National Grid Trial
CC Channel Lining - National Grid, Scunthorpe
CC Channel Lining - Sherston, Wiltshire (Phase 2)
CC Channel Lining - VIVIX, Brazil
CC Channel Lining - Peralilo, Chile
CC Channel Lining - Widdop Resevoir, UK
CC Culvert Lining - Kirk Burn, Scotland
CC Culvert Lining - Earlston, Scotland
CC Culvert Lining - New Zealand
CC Culvert Lining - Waterval Boven, South Africa
CC Design - Akademie Schloss - Germany
CC Design - Alhambretto - Italy
CC Design - Arnhem Mode Bienhale
CC Design - C.A.N - UK
CC Design - CC Chair - UK
CC Design - David Booth - UK
CC Design - David Teager-Portman - UK
CC Design - Djuro Iljazovic -Austria
CC Design - Florian Schmid - Germany
CC Design - Jakub Szczesny - Poland
CC Design - Maria Gustavsson - Sweden
CC Design - Millie Clive-Smith - UK
CC Design - My et Thien - Canada
CC Design - Sam Jennings - UK
CC Design - Timothy Hatton Architects - UK
CC Design - Tuomas Tolvanen - Netherlands
CC Design - Urban Movement Design - Italy
CC Design - Wiidesign - South Africa
CC Design - Wolfson Design - UK
CC Design - Nadia Zabihi - Sweden
CC Design - Frances Richardson - UK
CC Ditch Lining - CONPROS trial, Colombia
CC Ditch Lining - Villeta Dissipater Drain, Colombia
CC Ditch Lining - Albania, La Guajira, Colombia
CC Ditch Lining - Wolf Tungsten Mine, UK
CC Channel Lining - Naburn Weir, UK
CC Ditch Lining - M32 - Bus only Junction, UK
CC Ditch Lining - Glyncorrwg, UK
CC Channel Lining - Lunan Bay, Scotland, UK
CC Ditch Lining - Ebbw Vale, UK
CC Ditch Lining - Bexhill to Hastings Link Road
CC Ditch Lining - Bedwas Colliery (Phases 1 & 2)
CC Ditch Lining - A38 Newton Abbot
CC Ditch Lining - Shooting range, Japan
CC Channel Lining - Cynrig Hatchery, UK
CC Ditch Lining - 4th Region, Chile
CC Ditch Lining - A465, Brynmawr, South Wales
CC Ditch Lining - Cunninghams Gap, Australia
CC Channel Lining - VLI, Brazil
CC Ditch Lining - Sherston, UK - BAM Nuttall
CC Channel Lining - South Korea Highway
CC Channel Lining - A66, UK
CC Channel Lining - Great Saredon, UK
CC Channel Lining - Sakhalin, Russia - 2014
CC Ditch Lining - Buzy, France (SNCF)
CC Channel Lining - Colleferro, Italy
CC Channel Lining - Brignoles, France
CC Channel Lining - Pogo Mine, USA
CC Channel Lining - Allington, UK - Wide Rolls
CC Ditch Lining - Sakhalin, Russia - 2015
CC Channel Lining - Gunnerkeld, UK
CC Channel Lining - Mpumalanga Province, S. Africa
CC Channel Lining - Skewen, UK - Network Rail
CC Channel Lining - Pontardullais, UK
CC Channel Lining - Yakurtia, Russia
CC Channel Lining - Caserones, Chile
CC Channel Lining - Mozambique
CC Channel Lining - Church Village, UK
CC Channel Lining - A46, UK
CC Channel Lining - Chipping Sodbury, UK
CC Channel Lining - Willow Creek, Canada
CC Ditch Lining - M4, UK - Highways Agency
CC Ditch Lining - M1, UK - Highways Agency
CC Blow Down Pit Lining - Middle East
CC Training Pool Lining - Japan
CC Boat Ramp Extension - USA
CC Cable Covering - UK
CC Curb Repair - Canada
CC Exterior Wall Cladding - UK
CC Flood Dam Lining - South Africa
CC Groyne Repair - UK
CC Gulley Lining - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
CC Outfall - Anglian Water
CC Roofing - UK
CC Sand Martin Bank - UK - Environment Agency
CC Trackway - Austria
CC Weed Suppression - UK - Environment Agency
CC Weed Suppression - Falkirk, UK
CC Weed Suppression - Ilford, UK
CC Gabion Reinforcement - Australia
CC Gabion Reinforcement - UK
CC Lagoon Lining - Albania, Colombia
CC Lagoon Lining - Almina, Portugal
CC Lagoon Lining - Kingscliffe Landfill, UK
CC Lagoon Lining - Oil Terminal Facility, UK
CC Lagoon Lining - Votorantim Metais, Brazil
CC Mining Vent Wall Case Study - Canada
CC Mining Vent Wall Case Study - UK
CC Acid Barrier - BHP Billiton - 2nd region, Chile
CC Outfall - Mt Asama, Japan
CC Pit Lining - Albania, Colombia
CC Vent Wall - Goldfields, Western Australia
CC Hydro Bund Lining - Surge Vessel - Anglian Water, UK
CC Remediation - Sabang, Phillipines
CC Remediation - Chile Earthquake Ditch Repair
CC Remediation - Provincia de Loja, Ecuador
CC Remediation - Mooi River, South Africa
CC Remediation - PCK Extinguishing Lake, Germany
CC Remediation - Thames Curb and Channel, New Zealand
CC Remediation - Bowburn, UK
CC Remediation - Canal Repair, Spain
CC Remediation - Cerro Prieto, BC, Mexico
CC Remediation - Muck Burn Flume, Scotland
CC Remediation - Yanbu Refinery, Saudi Arabia
CC Remediation - Culvert Repair, Scotland
CC Remediation - Ditch Repair, South Africa
CC Remediation - Resevoir Repair, Chile
CC Remediation - Tank Lining, Chile
CC Hydro - Remediation - Shaybah Wildlife Sanctuary, Saudi Arabia
CC Slope Protection - Al-Qassim, Saudi Arabia
CC Slope Protection - Caisan, Panama
CC Slope Protection - Colon, Queretaro, Mexico
CC Slope Protection - Linha do Douro, Portugal
CC Slope Protection - Oil Terminal, Rotterdam
CC Slope Protection - Selangor Old Road, Malaysia
CC Slope Protection - Mota Engil - Porto, Portugal
CC Slope Protection - Amvia Highway, A24
CC Slope Protection - River Taff, South Wales, UK
CC Slope Protection - Puchong, Malaysia
CC Slope Protection - Brockman 4 Mine, Australia
CC Slope Protection and Channel Lining - Collado, Spain
CC Slope Protection - Colombia, Chincilla
CC Slope Protection - Crindau, Newport, UK - NRW
CC Slope Protection - Curtis Island, LNG, Australia
CC Slope Protection - Madrid, Spain
CC Slope Protection - Oman
CC Slope Protection - Queensland Rail, Australia
CC Slope Protection - Recife, Brazil
CC Slope Protection - Selangor, Malaysia
CC Slope Protection - South Iraq
CC Slope Protection - Tarrgona, Spain
CC Slope Protection - Alcobendas Station, Madrid, Spain
CC RSW - Barrio El Codito, Colombia
CC Slope Protection - Bogota D.C., Colombia (1207)
CC Slope Protection - Bogota D.C., Colombia (1210)
CC Slope Protection - Cundinamarca Region, Colombia
CC Slope Protection - Cunninghams Gap, Australia
CC Slope Protection - Fairlight Cove, UK
CC Slope Protection - La Espulga de Froncoli, Spain
CC Slope Protection - Taupiri, New Zealand
CC Slope Protection - Parla, Madrid, Spain (1106)
CC Slope Protection - Cloudhill Quarry, UK
CC Slope Protection - Sasebo City, Japan
CC Temporary Slope Protection - Enna, Sicily
CC Hydro - Tank Lining - Undisclosed, UK
CC Hydro - Tank Lining - Grootegeluk Mine, SA
CC Hydro - Containment Area - Haradh, Saudi Arabia
CC Remediation - Saskatchewan, Canada
CC Weed Suppression - Okayama, Japan
CC Slope Protection - Brunei, Jangsak pylon
CC Slope Protection - Tasek Merimbun, Brunei
CC Weed Suppression - Saku City, Nagano, Japan
CC Weed Suppression - Yamanashi, Japan
CC Channel Lining - Accra, Ghana
CC Channel Lining - Goldfields Mine, Ghana
CC Pond Lining - New Print Park, Durban, S. Africa
CC Bund Lining - Washington State, USA
CC Culvert Lining - Ravensdale, Washington, USA
CC Design - Neal Aronowitz, USA
CC Remediation - Olivehurst, California, USA
CC Remediation - UK, Warblington Sea Wall Repair
CC Slope Protection & Channel Lining - Panama
CC Weed Suppression - Hokkaido, Japan
CC Channel Lining - Oman, Rig Mat Drainage
CC Channel Lining - Oman, Sohar
CC Channel Lining - Oman, Sohar (McDermott)
CC Pipe Protection - Lebanon, Unigaz
CCH Containment - Emirates Training Academy, Dubai
CC Channel Lining - Redbank Station, Australia
CC Culvert Lining - Cooks Bridge, UK
CC Culvert Lining - Lewis County, Washington, USA
CC Channel Lining - Bedwas Colliery, UK (Phase 3)
CC Remediation - Recreational Lake, Malaysia
CCH Bund Lining - UK, Milford Haven (SEM)
CC Culvert Lining - UK, Halfway Bridge, Sussex
CC Containment - Hong Kong, Lam Tin Tunnel
CC Channel Lining - Suemasagawa, Japan
CC Lagoon Lining - Bella Vista, Paraguay
CCH Bund Lining - Saudi Arabia, Dhahran
CC Channel Lining - Alexandroupolis, Greece
CC Design - Zeller & Moye - Furniture, Switzerland
CC Remediation - Tonnoy, France Canal
CC Remediation - Turkey Pipeline, Zorlu Energy
CC Slope Protection - Germany, Wilster
CC Slope Protection - Slovenia Railway
CC Temporary Slope Protection - Hungary
CC Weed Suppression - Lozere Department, France
CC Weed Suppression - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
CC Wide Rolls - Bund Lining - Agria Volos, Greece
CCH Containment - St Quentin Zoo, France
CC Remediation - A4060, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
CC Channel Lining - Bellavista Canal, Chile (2018)
CC Channel Lining - Laguna Niguel, California
CC Channel Lining - Seattle, Washington, USA
CC Slope Protection - Rossville, Tennessee, USA
CC Weed Suppression - Lucknow, Australia
CC Weed Suppression - Thameslink, London, UK
CC Channel & Slope - Wallumbilla, Queensland, Aus.
CC Weed Suppression - Knostrop, Leeds, UK
CC Channel Lining - Lynemouth MWT, UK
CC Channel Lining - Gilfach Goch, UK
CC Channel Lining - Sheldon Mine, Arizona, USA
CC Culvert Lining - Greatham Beck, Hartlepool, UK
CC Weed Suppression - Japan, Knotweed Trial
CC Wall Reinforcement - Fortischem, Slovakia
CC Slope Protection - Roma, Australia
CC Remediation - Treorchy, Wales, UK
CC Channel Lining - Cold Blow, Wales, UK
CC Channel Lining - Five Mile Lane, Barry, UK
CC Slope Protection & Drain Lining - Ahafo, Ghana
CC Weed Suppression - Ireland Petroleum Facility
CC Channel Lining - new bus route, Bristol
CC Channel Lining - Mutanda Mine, Kolwezi, DRC
CC Channel Lining - Golf Course, Cheshire
CC Spillway - Water Treatment Works, UK
CC Slope Protection - Al Wathba Nature Reserve UAE
CC Slope Protection - Al Bahah, Saudi Arabia
CC Gabion Protection - River Almond, Scotland
CC Pipe Protection - Salalah, Oman
CC Bank Erosion Protection Compilation
CC Channel Lining - Bower Quarry, Scotland
CC Channel Lining - Dunrobin Castle, Scotland
CC Channel Lining - A14, Huntingdon, UK
CC Channel Lining - A55 North Wales Expressway
CC Channel Lining - A59, Yorkshire, UK
CC Channel Lining - Aberdeenshire, Scotland (AWPR)
CC Channel Lining - Coker Wood, Yeovil, UK
CC Channel Lining - Derby, UK (Swales)
CC Channel Lining - M6 Junction 3 Northbound, UK
CC Culvert Lining - UK, Bullockstone Road, Kent
CCH Tank Remediation - Central Europe Biogas Plant
CC Environmental Case Studies Compilation
CC Slope Protection - UK, Temporary Works
CC Culvert Lining - Fingal County, Dublin, Ireland
CC Temporary Slope Protection - A591, Cumbria
CC Slope Protection - Tutong, Brunei
CC Slope Protection - Russia Oil Pumping Complex
CC Remediation - Hungary, Tiszafüred Canal
CC Slope Protection - Hungary, Uzsabánya
CC Channel Lining - Yukon, Canada
CCH Bund Lining - Kotka, Finland
CC Remediation - Loch Goin, Scotland
CC Channel Lining - Parc Slip Mine, Margam, Wales
CC Channel Lining - Silkstone MWTW, Barnsley, UK
CC Channel Lining - Undisclosed Mine, UK
CC Channel Lining - Yellow Dam, Lake District
CC Channel Lining - Covington Road, Scotland
CC Channel Lining - Scotland, Falkirk Wheel
CC Channel Lining - Three Arch Bridge, Somerset
CC Culvert Lining - Underline Bridge, UK
CC Channel Lining - Almond Feeder, Scotland, UK
CC Channel Lining - Jubilee Lakes, UK
CC Channel Lining - Machen Paint Factory, UK
CC Channel Lining - Tiverton, Devon, UK
CC Channel Lining - West London Football Club, UK
CC Slope Protection - Northern Ireland Pond
CCH Bridge Remediation - Old Elvet Bridge, Durham
CC Outfall - Crafers West, Adelaide Hills
CC Channel Lining - Lucknow, Australia
CC Slope Protection - Mountain Road, New Caledonia
CC Slope Protection - West of Scotland, UK
CC Design - Ana Luiz-Wright, UK
CC Channel Lining - Colonia, Uruguay
CC Slope & Channel - Tuxapan, Mexico
CC Slope Protection - Comgas, Brazil
CC Design - Salwa Resort, Qatar (rockwork)
CC Channel Lining - Bahrain, A'ali
CC Channel Lining - Bahrain, Salmabad
CC Slope Protection - Saudi Arabia, Gas Plant
CC Slope Protection - La Foa, New Caledonia
CC Remediation - Adloun, Lebanon Channel
CC Slope Protection - Muscat, Oman
CC Slope Protection - Thio, New Caledonia
CC Channel Lining - Cowra, NSW, Australia
CC Inlet Repair - Tasmania
CC Channel Lining - Eagle Gold Mine, Canada
CC Channel Lining - Coalcleugh, Northumberland, UK
CC Channel Lining - Mariana, Minas Gerais, Brazil
CC Case Study Compilation - Weed Suppression
CC Channel Lining & Slope Protection - Dammam, KSA
CC Channel Lining - Pacific Highway, Australia

Videos (47)

MacRoberts Award video - What is CC?
CC Ditch/ Channel Lining - Abercarn, UK
CC Ditch/ Channel Lining - Bedwas, UK - Wet Weather Install
CC Ditch/ Channel Lining - Chillepin, Chile
CC Ditch/ Channel Lining - Cynrig Hatchery
CC Ditch/ Channel Lining - Great Saredon
CC Ditch/ Channel Lining - M1, UK - Highways Agency
CC Ditch/ Channel Lining - Newton Abbot - Network Rail
CC Ditch/ Channel Lining - Pontarddulais, UK
CC Ditch/ Channel Lining - Sakhalin, Russia
CC Ditch/ Channel Lining - Skewen, UK - Network Rail
CC Ditch/ Channel Lining - Willow Creek
CC Ditch/ Channel Lining - Yakutia, Russia
CC Ditch/ Channel Lining - Chile
CC Ditch/ Channel Lining - Albania, Colombia Mine
CC Slope Protection - Bogota D.C, Colombia
CC Slope Protection - Mota Engil - Porto, Portugal
CC Slope Protection - Queretaro, Mexico
CC Slope Protection - RAK, UAE
CC Slope Protection - Villeta, Colombia
CC Slope Protection - Trinidad and Tobago
CC Remediation - Bowburn, UK
CC Lagoon Lining - Almina, Portugal
CC Lagoon Lining - Oil Terminal Facility, UK
CC Gabion Reinforcement
CC Blow Down Pit Lining - Middle East
CC Design - Maria Gustavsson on Euromaxx
CC Hydro - Bund Lining - UK
Concrete Canvas Shelters
CC Thermal Welding
CC Flume Testing
CC Thermally Bonded Overlap Joints Guidance
CC Overlap Joint Guidance
CC Channel Lining - Cold Blow, Wales
CC Channel Lining - 5 Mile Lane, South Wales
CC Channel Lining - Glyncorrwg Mine, Wales
CC Channel Lining - Parc Slip, Margam, Wales
CC Remediation - River Taff, South Wales
CC Remediation - A4060, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
CC Remediation - Hungary, Tiszafüred Canal
CC Channel Lining - A465 Dualling Project, Wales
A Brief Introduction to Concrete Canvas
CC and CCH Bund Lining Installation
Concrete Canvas (CC) Channel Lining Installation
Concrete Canvas (CC) Channel Lining Maintenance
Concrete Canvas (CC) Slope Protection Installation
The 4 Principles of Concrete Canvas Installation

Technical Certification (36)

CC Age Certification
CC Freeze Thaw Resistance
CTL Group Freeze-Thaw Evaluation
CC BBA Heat-Rain Testing BS EN 12467
CC Root Resistance Testing
CC Abrasion Resistance Certificate
CC Saline Resistance Testing
CC CO2 Footprint
CC Environmental Data
WRAP Report
CC CTL Leachate Report
CC Flume Testing
TRI CC Mannings Longitudinal
TRI CC Mannings Transverse
CC Fire Certification
CC MSHA Fire Certification
CC Chemical Resistance
CC Hydrocarbon Impermeability Testing
CC Sulfate Resistance Testing
CC CE Mark
CC ASTM G13 Impact Test Certificate
CC Cable Cover Impact Test Certificate
CC Soudaseal 250XF Technical Data Sheet
CC Hydro - Age Certification
CC Hydro - Impermeability Testing
CC Hydro - Puncture Resistance
CC Hydro - Chemical Resistance
CC Hydro 14 Day Exposure Test - Petrol/Diesel
CC Hydro - Fire Certification
CC Hydro Membrane Durability
CC Abrasion Resistance Report
GCCB Drop-in-Spec
CC Shear Interface Testing
CC Declaration of Performance
ISO 9001 - 2015 Certificate
CC Hydraulic Design Guidance Notes

Drawings (35)

CC Joint Detail - Screwed Overlap - CAD dwg
CC Joint Detail - Screwed Overlap - CAD pdf
CC Layout - Ditch Lining - Transverse Layup - CAD dwg
CC Layout - Ditch Lining - Transverse Layup - CAD pdf
CC Layout - Ditch Lining - Longitudinal Layup - CAD dwg
CC Layout - Ditch Lining - Longitudinal Layup - CAD pdf
CC Layout - Slope Protection - CAD pdf
CC Layout - Bund Lining - Layup Stages - CAD pdf
CC Layout - Culvert Lining
CC Layout - Culvert Lining - CAD pdf
CC Layout - Culvert lining - Interface with corrugated steel - CAD pdf
CC Layout - Culvert Lining - Flat bottom culvert - CAD pdf
CC Layout - Gabion Reinforcement - Anti Vandalism - CAD pdf
CC Layout - Gabion Reinforcement - Reno Matress - CAD pdf
CC Detail - Bund Lining - Curb Capture - CAD pdf
CC Detail - Apron Upstand - Interface - CAD dwg
CC Detail - Apron Upstand - Interface - CAD pdf
CC Detail - Attachment to Blockwall - CAD dwg
CC Detail - Attachment to Blockwall - CAD pdf
CC Layout - Pipe Penetration - CAD dwg
CC Layout - Pipe Penetration - CAD pdf